Seemingly super-glued to a sheer cliff face high above the dense forests of the Pontic Mountains, Sumela Monastery is a little known hidden gem in North Eastern Turkey. Built by Greek Orthodox priests 1,600 years ago, this Byzantium masterpiece with its ornate frescos and secret cave dwellings has survived through… View Post

The annual Edinburgh Festival fireworks finale concludes the epic Edinburgh festival season – which includes the world renowned Fringe Festival. The majority of festivals take place in August, and the Fringe festival has been a mainstay of Edinburgh since 1947. The phenomenal fireworks display is accompanied by live music, in sync… View Post

The recent restoration of the Scottish Borders Railway has opened up this serine part of Scotland to visitors. It is part of Scotland often neglected by visitors, but one major draw is Melrose Abbey. Historically known as St. Mary’s, it is located 40 miles south of Edinburgh and today is easily accessible… View Post

To me, travelling is all about immersing myself in the local culture. The games below are not very well known, but offer a unique insight in the lives of locals and their pastimes. Sports form a crucial cultural aspect of a nations identity, and I love to have the opportunity to… View Post

Wroclaw, Poland has been largely ignored by the masses of tourists that have invaded Poland in recent years. This quaint city retains it’s medieval charm while at the same time offering unbeatable food and a cracking nightlife. Couldn’t get enough of…. Dwarf hunting around the colourful squares and streets Admiring the… View Post

In 1986, the world’s worst nuclear disaster struck the district of Chernobyl in the former Soviet Union. As a result of the catastrophic nuclear meltdown in Reactor #4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, over 50,000 citizens of the nearby city of Pripyat were evacuated. Since that fateful day 30 years… View Post