Safety in Sandwiches

What To Eat When Backpacking

OR  ‘How to survive when you’re absolutely broke’.

Obviously a humongous part of travelling to new places is experiencing the exotic food, but sometimes our stomachs (and wallets) need a break from all the gastronomical adventures.

When this happens, naturally you don’t want to be wasting money on unadventurous meals, therefore I have compiled a list of deliciously easy meals that are dirt-cheap and sparing on the camping gas.  Bon appetit-udes!

When Camping…


TIP! If you’re using a camping stove always make things as small as possible – it’ll cook quickly, therefore saving you gas (that’s science, bitches)

TIP! It’s a good idea to take food with you – it’s cheap and time-saving, but no one wants to lug around unnecessary weight, SO here are the essentials that are worth the lugging…

Rice, noodles, oil, spices, instant soup

Anything else you can pick up along the way…

With these ingredients, here are the easiest meals one can cook on the campstove:

– Stir Fry: Throw on some meat, chuck in some veggies and spices and top off with some soy sauce…. done!

– Fancy Rice: Fry some rice and diced onion, add tomatos, spices and water…and you’re done!

– Noodle/rice soup: Boil noodles/rice in soup mix (boring, yes), but done!

– Chilli: Fry some mince (ground beef), add tomatoes, peppers, taco seasoning, done!

Spaghetti: (For fancy nights) Cook your mince, add some cheap supermarket pre-made sauce, boil the pasta,  done!

***Just to be clear, I never said they were terribly exciting, but these recipes are guaranteed to both keep you alive and maintain the integrity of your bowels until the next super-excellent kofta.

When Kitchening…


If you find yourself in a hostel or camp site, first thing to do is…


Anywhere there is a communal kitchen there will be the freebie section, namely all the random stuff that people have left behind. For the urban forager, one can easily source sustenance from this debris…

There will ALWAYS be noodles, rice and spaghetti – so top up your stocks!

Other items that will most likely reside in this cave of wonders are…

  • Soy sauce
  • Some sort of mystery spice mix
  • A tin of…something
  • Porridge
  • A mostly empty jar of peanut butter

TIP! When in the universal supermarket there will always be a ‘reduced’ section. Here lies the gold mine/sea mine of almost-expired and heavily reduced fare. Sniff this out and you’ll likely find yourself some cheap meat and veg. Hopefully no salmonella.

So, right off the mark –

Stir Fry: Meat, soy sauce, mystery spice mix, ‘tin of…something’, noodles. Done! (Add a bit of PB to fancy it up a bit)

– Savoury Mince: Mince, mystery spice mix, splash of soy.

– Fajitas: Chicken, wraps, spice, peppers, onion. So freakin’ good.

– Meat & Mash Potatoes – Not on the list but always delicious.

Don’t bother with the porridge….



Day time is for adventures! so the best thing to do is to take with you a pre-emptive picnic; filled with seasonal fruit, local cheese, fresh bread and cured meat (salami mmmm) and of course something sweet because you are on holiday and “why-the-hell-not”. This way you can find that beautiful spot destined for you atop a mountain or on the beach or outside the library or wherever AND later you’ll be hands free for ICE CREAM!!!!! Ahem, that is…if you’re into that…


Welly welly well well, I hope you have found this helpful and useful and exciting and completely inspiring! Or not. I’m not fussed.

Let me offer one last pearl of wisdom before I conclude this Pulitzer-worthy piece of puntz…

Never, EVER underestimate the substance and pure virtue of “…on toast”. If it’s good enough for Jesus’ face, it’s good enough for me. jesus toast

*Also, dry noodles are awesome. Stop your protestations and give it a go. Don’t be a pansy.

Oh yeah, and there’s always safety in sandwiches.

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