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The government of Georgia has identified tourism as a key source of income and therefore opened its borders to tourism. In fact, it offers the most generous tourist visa I know –  a whopping 360 day visa for citizens of over 90 countries. Incredible!

On arrival at a land border (such as Turkey) or airport, eligible passports will receive a stamp for a stay of one year (360 days). A full list of eligible countries is at the end of this page.


European Union Member States
New Zealand

United States of America
(See full list further below)

Tbilisi, the up and coming capital city of Georgia

Tbilisi, the up and coming capital city of Georgia


For citizens of nations that require a visa, the easy to use E-Visa portal developed by the Georgian government provides straight forward information. The E-visa is valid for either 30 days or 90 days, depending on your country. It takes just 5 days to process the visa but it is important to apply at least 2 weeks beforehand to be safe. The cost of the visa is $20USD plus a 2% service charge.

For example, citizens of China must apply for a visa on the E-Visa Portal before arriving in Georgia. The visa is valid for a total of 30 days and can be bought 5 days in advance of arriving in Georgia. Other large countries that require a visa include Egypt, India, Indonesia and the Philipines.

What is required on E-Visa Portal

  • Passport information
  • A passport sized photograph to be uploaded
  • $20USD payment by Mastercard/Visa

What is required upon arrival in Georgia

  • Proof of accommodation booking (hostel, hotel, couchsurf host etc)
  • Travel Insurance and proof of sufficient funds
  • Proof of return air ticket.

Georgia is a very welcoming country and in recent years has reached out to the global tourist market. Crime against tourists is pretty much unheard of and during my time there I met people from a range of countries including USA, India, China, Iran and Poland. Nobody I spoke to mentioned any hint of trouble, either with the police or local people.

Despite the language barrier, many people are welcoming and Tbilisi is a very safe city. Batumi, a hot spot on the Black Sea coast, was formerly run by gangsters but is now extremely safe and welcoming. My only recommendation is always carry around a photocopy of your passport (this counts for anywhere in the world!).


1 Albania
2 Andorra
3 Antigua and Barbuda
4 Argentina
5 Armenia
6 Australia
7 Austria
8 Azerbaijan
9 Bahamas
10 Bahrain
11 Barbados
12 Belarus
13 Belgium
14 Belize
15 Bosnia and Herzegovina
16 Botswana
17 Brazil
18 British Overseas Territories
19 Brunei
20 Bulgaria
21 Canada
22 Chile
23 Colombia
24 Costa Rica
25 Croatia
26 Cyprus
27 Czech Republic
28 Denmark
29 Denmark territories –  Faroe Islands and Greenland
30 Dominica
31 Ecuador
32 El Salvador
33 Estonia
34 Finland
35 France
36 Germany
37 Greece
38 Holy See (Vatican city)
39 Honduras
40 Hungary
41 Iceland
42 Iran
43 Ireland
44 Israel
45 Italy
46 Japan
47 Jordan
48 Kazakhstan
49 Kuwait
50 Kyrgyzstan
51 Latvia*
52 Lebanon
53 Liechtenstein
54 Lithuania
55 Luxembourg
56 Malaysia
57 Malta
58 Mauritius
59 Mexico
60 Moldova
61 Monaco
62 Montenegro
63 Netherlands
64 Netherlands territories – Aruba and Netherlands Antilles
65 New Zealand
66 Norway
67 Oman
68 Panama
69 Poland
70 Portugal
71 Qatar
72 Romania
73 Russia
74 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
75 San Marino
76 Saudi Arabia
77 Serbia
78 Seychelles
79 Singapore
80 Slovakia
81 Slovenia
82 South Africa
83 South Korea
84 Spain
85 Sweden
86 Switzerland
87 Tajikistan
88 Thailand
89 Turkey
90 Turkmenistan
91 Ukraine
92 United Arab Emirates
93 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
94 United States of America
95 Uruguay
96 Uzbekistan


Hello from Batumi waterfront!

Hello from Batumi waterfront!

Note that it is forbidden and punishable to enter the Russian occupied territory of Abkhazia at any crossing apart from the bridge at Zugdidi near Poti. The same can be said for South Ossetia, to which there is no entry to whatsoever.

Have you been to Georgia? Any stories or experiences to share? I would love to hear them!



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