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What it’s all about…

A long time ago in a continent far away-ish, an Irish boy and an Aussie girl fell in love in Canada.  As you do.

Drawn together by fate, a shared sense of adventure, kindred spirits, tequila, whatever force in the universe it is that dictates such things…it all conspired in bringing together two adventurers who since then have enterprised in the great and noble quest for the Jade Monkey. Discovery of new places, people and experiences is what we are about, fellow Explorers, and we will do our best to share with you our adventures and wisdom so that it may it may further and inspire yours.

The purpose of life is to have fun, experience beautiful things and eat delicious food. Anything else is just helping you on your way to appreciating that.

Double Trooouble

Conor is a dashing young Irishman pursuing his love of bargaineous travel (and is very good at it, not to honk his own horn). His molecular composition is of carbon, water and pepperoni pizza. His love of backpacking and aversion to touristy crap has brought him to many a remote and unusual place that are largely unknown to the common or garden variety traveller. His passion is discovery and no job or lack of funds will keep him from his next adventure!

Charlotte is a slightly clumsy Australian who provides the geek-factor to this operation. Not half the bargain hunter that Conor is, on expeditions Charlotte provides in excess the historic trivia, interesting facts, duct tape and puns – all invaluable assets when going abroad as any traveller will know. Her love lies with all things beautiful and for that she will follow Conor through the wayward, backward, upward and all together ‘off-the-beaten’ track.

Together we make the perfect balance of organised disorder which turns our adventures into the most fun we have ever had.

Our World Travel Map

Alot seen, plenty more to see

Into the Future

While not travelling we will endeavour to give you the best tips about where we have been and fill you with inspiring ideas. Conor will keep you up to date with his constant search for super travel offers and discounts (his boss went as far to block travel deal websites on his work PC) and Charlotte can fill you in on some quick n’ cheap backpacking meals, ‘how-to-fix-anything’-s, and informative cartoonage.

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